The company "HYDROPRESS" is a dynamically developing Polish company established in 1997 in Elblбg (Poland). Trading offices are located in Elblлонg, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Rumi, Plock, Olsztyn (Poland), as well as in Kiev (Ukraine).

The «HYDROPRESS» company offers consumers a wide range of services in the field of industrial hydraulics: from installation, design, delivery and installation of equipment, service.

We deliver a wide range of hydraulic components for mobile and industrial equipment:

- seamless hydraulic pipes from stainless and black steel, and fastenings to them;

- pipe fittings;

- quick disconnect connections;

- high pressure ball valves;

- hydraulic hoses;

- nipples and fittings for hoses;

- hydraulic filters;

- hydraulic distributors and valves;

- gear pumps;

- hydraulic motors;

- hydraulic oil stations;

- control and measuring equipment.

Hydropress Power Hydraulics LLC

03134 Kiev, Trublaini St., 2A


Email: kr@hydropress.com.ua