State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine

The main tasks of the SHSU are as follows:

˗         Сreates a unified system of navigational and hydrographic support of shipping in sea and inland waterways of Ukraine;

˗         Provides hydrographic surveys of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov water areas in the zone of responsibility of Ukraine according to the standards of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and effective regulatory acts of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;

˗         Performs a complete bottom configuration survey and reveals the least dangers to navigation, using modern plane multipath technologies, explores the areas with minimum depths in the north­western part of the Black Sea, where the main navigable waterways pass through;

˗          Performs hydrographic surveys in the water areas of sea commercial ports, approach channels to ports as well as in maritime sections with a high intensity of vessels traffic, which require repeated investigations, for navigation purposes;

˗          Provides seas and inland waterways within the zone of responsibility of Ukraine, using space navigation and radionavigation systems, radio ranges, luminous and sound­signal beacons, other coastal and floating aids to navigation, insures their uninterrupted operation;

˗          Ensures hydrographic and oceanographic survey of seas and inland waterways in order to compile nautical charts and navigational river charts, Notices to Mariners (NtM), publications and guidances for navigation;

˗          Ensures maintenance of nautical charts updated, and publications for navigation on modern level;

˗         Informs vessels about changes in navigational situation and regime of navigation in the maritime area of Ukraine.

23, Gagarina Avenue, Kyiv, 02094, Ukraine

tel: +38 044 296-60-40,
fax: +38 044 292-12-17,