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With more than 1350 machines sold in 50 years throughout 100 countries, VIGAN Engineering S.A. is designing and manufacturing ship loaders & unloaders for dry agri-bulk cargo:

·         Mobile portable machines or “grain pumps”, with a capacity of 100-250 tons/hour.

·         Pneumatic Continuous Barge and Ship Unloaders, designed for a capacity of 160-800 tons/hour for all sizes of vessels. They are able to handle many kinds of free-flowing products like cereals, animal feed, alumina, chemicals, wood pellets...

·         Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders “SIMPORTER” can discharge up to 1.500 tons/hour from big vessels (Panamax, Cape) thanks to their Twin-Belt technology.

·         Ship loaders are designed for a capacity up to 2000 tons/hour. Like for unloaders, many parameters are optional.

VIGAN is also able to manage complete turnkey projects like Grain Terminals.