Would you like for some period of time completely strike out from the lexicon words such as “haste”, “stress”, “problems”, “tiredness”, “boredom”, “troubles” and other troubles of everyday life? Do you dream of accomplishing escape from vain, noisy week-days, forgetting about time and monotonous routine? If your answer is “yes”, then you – are at a right place!

Our philosophy and principles of “green economy”

Actuality of eco-topics swiftly spines in the developed countries of the world, embracing all possible spheres of human life. Today much more, what before, paid attention naturalness of producible and consumed products, cosmetic, domestic facilities, textile, materials for building and arrangement of house etc. Villa Pinia became the first in the region of eco-hotel and continues actively to develop the ideas of harmonious coexistence with an environment and reasonable manage in accordance with principles of green “green economy”