Professional exhibitions and conferences are a perfect occasion for publicity.


The exhibition event is a platform for meeting manufacturers and service providers with their target audience. Research has shown that if a company does not participate in industry events, its existence in the market is unlikely to last long.

Only at exhibitions you have the opportunity to meet with contractors, competitors, to study new market trends in the market.

Nowadays, meetings and conferences are a litmus test that provides information on which company has remained in the market and who has left the business, which niches have been vacated and how to plan tactics and strategy in the new post-pandemic environment.


According to a research, about 75% of visitors of the exhibition are willing to cooperate.


Competitive advantages of participation in sectoral events:



  •     promoting the company's brand and enhancing the image of a successful company;

  •      advertising of goods and services;

  •      study of the competitive environment;

  •      establishing contacts with contractors, agents, distributors;

  •      expanding the database of contacts;

  •      assessment of the marketing potential of the enterprise;

  •       acquaintance with innovations and new technologies.


But the main thing - you get a high rate of return on your own funds.


Experts predict a significant increase in the number of visitors to industry events in the near future. In difficult times for business, professionals are afraid to miss something important - information, contacts and even rumors. In such times, you can not make a deal without looking into the eyes of a partner, but what is the best location to do it if not at the exhibition?
It is known that a person is formed by the environment. By participating in successful industry events and joining the best professionals in your field, you confirm your status and automatically become part of the community of successful companies.

MediaCompass guarantees its exhibitors and partners an individual approach and a flexible system of terms of cooperation. With the potential of our company you will be able to successfully overcome temporary difficulties.

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30 secrets of successful participation in exhibitions and conferences:
1.    Define clear goals for your participation in the event. (Get 150+ quality leads or chat with 30+ professionals.)
2.     Pay attention to the quality development of the stand design. It should reflect your goals, mission, attract attention and create a positive impression.
3.     Use the technical means on the stand that will be useful for conveying information about your company.
4.    Take care of the visibility of your company at the exhibition through sponsorship.
5.    Prepare souvenirs in advance. Souvenirs will remind your customers and partners for a long time about the meeting at the exhibition / conference.
6.    Prepare handouts with your company's contact information. (booklets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters).
7.    It is good if within the limits of event there is an opportunity to carry out the sociological interrogation of visitors of the stand. There shouldn't be many questions: 3-5 questions. This can be used to further develop your company's development strategy.
8.     Prepare business cards that would attract attention and not leave you indifferent. Pay attention to the design, paper, photos of employees on the cards.
9.     Plan presentations, workshops, seminars in advance. (Organizers ask to do it a month before the event or even earlier)
10. Work in advance with the media that support the event. This is the perfect way to publicize your company.
11. 80% of the success of the stand depends on the staff. Conduct briefings and discuss specific tasks with each employee.
12. Be sure you invited invite your existing and potential clients and partners to your booth and to the conference. If you don't, your competitor will. Use social media, email and website to tell everyone about your participation ..
13. Think of a plan to attract audience (PR promotions, B2B meetings, parties for clients, plan to visit the stands of other participants, letters to communicate with conference participants). Show your presence on the market at the show, advertise yourself.
14. Ask open questions. They let you know more about the needs and pain of your partners and customers.
15. The conversation with the client should be short and concise. Your goal is to communicate with as many people as possible.
16.  Turn off your mobile and concentrate on the visitors of the stand.
17. Pay attention to the detailed record of all contact details and information about the potential customer.
18. Familiarize the staff of the stand or each of the delegations at the conference with instructions on what and when to do.
19. Remember the importance of eye contact, smile.
20. Speak less, listen more. Offer benefits, not options. For example: "It would be useful for you because ..."
21.  Your staff should say, "Hello, how can I help?"
22. You and your employees should look good and feel energetic.
23. Use all five senses to attract people to the stand.
24. Make sure your representative is present at the booth during the lunch break.
25.  Summarize every day. Together with the team, analyze what went well and what went wrong.
26.  Do not take food with you to the stand.
27. Don't talk about products you don't know about, ask another team member for help.
28. Book a place in advance for next year.
29. After the exhibition or conference, prepare a final press release. Post statistics, order information, contracts and send it to your potential customers.
30. Thank potential customers for meeting at the event with a presentation about your company or a commercial offer that you agreed on at the exhibition.


See you at our international transport forum Trans Expo Odesa 2021 and the international exhibition on shipping and port development ODESA 2021 (31.08 - 2.09, Odessa, Seaport)


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